Hotel Amenities:

the first solid cosmetic products for eco-sustainable hotels

Sustainability in Hotels:
SOLID.O is another world

Guests judge your amenities, so SOLID ORIGINAL is the perfect answer for customers who are increasingly focused on eco-sustainable choices. Bathroom Amenities which look good and add value to your hotel. Choosing to eliminate the plastic in cosmetic products means offering a concrete answer to the increase in environmental awareness among consumers, especially in first-class hospitality quality services.

We present our solid products with a modern, minimalistic image and showcase them on a solid wood counter top display stand. For special projects, we can customise the packaging, shapes and specific natural ingredients for each range, without compromising the core concept behind SOLID.O and its vocation as a plastic-free solid cosmetic product.

Less waste with the brand new version that can be split into two.
Split the solid bar and use it for two showers. Use only what you need!

Sustainability in ultra-modern hotels too.
To cut down on what is bad for the environment and increase what is good for the planet. It is a choice of modernity and respect, a new challenge imposed by the sector and the contemporary tourist, who no longer just focuses on comfort and design, but also on respect for the environment.

Environmental awareness: the secret weapon of sustainable hotels and customers seem to prefer and favour choices to reduce pollutant emissions and waste even in hotels. Why not start by eliminating the plastic from toiletries in bathrooms?

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